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Magic! Japanese Scientists Create growing Hair Implants

Japanese are always making discoveries important to human life unpredictable.Recently opened up to Japanese inventor you are experiencing baldnessproblems. At the recent discovery of a successfully performed on bald mice, the scientists managed to grow a strand of hair on his body.

The hair had grown thanks to the engineering of biological andmentransplantasikannya the hair follicle into the skin.
Mice that managed to grow her hair and continues to grow hair transplantation inthe normal growth cycle after the loss naturally.
"Our recent study demonstrated the efficacy of bio-engineering not only in therapybut also the application of hair regeneration replacement organs using somaticcell nuclei that have been grown," said Professor Takashi Tsuji of the University ofTokyo.
Is expected to be a magic treatment to improve the care for those who experience hair loss. Of the study, those who go bald can use their own cells to the implant so that it can regrow hair that has begun to fall.

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